A sugar derivative formed by condensation of a monosaccharide hemiacetal hydroxyl group with a hydroxyl group, an amine group or a mercapto group of another molecule (e.g., an alcohol, a sugar, a purine or a pyrimidine).
Company profile
Company Profile

Hunan Yunbang Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a high-tech company, was established in 2014 and located in Hongjiang Industrial Park, Huaihua City. Yunbang Biopharma. The company has a 27,000-square-meter campus including 10,000 square meters of research, development and manufacturer facility, and manufactures the products including the glycoside series, biological bufferseries, chemical intermediates, chemiluminescent substrates, and a variety of high-purity biochemical and biological reagents.

With its "Huibai Reagent" brand, Yunbang Biopharma can supply over thousands of products which can meet the demand of different research organizations from basic to high-end research reagents, such as research institutes and university research labs.

Yunbang biopharma has a research and development team including Dr. Zhang Qin and several other Ph.D. and master as its core leding team. It has more than 30 years of research experience in medicine, biology, and molecular biology science. Yunbang was also cooperated with the University to develop the new type of chemiluminescence and biological materials as research and in vitro diagnostic reagents.

The major goal of Yunbang Biopharma is to honestly service and satisfy our customs. The company aims to provide high quality products and technology service to meet the needs of our customers!

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Factory Address: No.8 Hongjiang Road, Hongjiang Industrial Park, Huaihua City, Hunan Province, China 418100
Sales Office: Room 1103.Block C3, Lugu Enterprise Plaza,No.27  Wenxuan Road,Changsha National  Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Hunan ,P.R.China 

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